Joanna Sue Neskow


Matthew Schlafly McCarthy

Wedding Party

Eleni Smith

Maid of Honor

Eleni and Joanna first met when they were 11 years old in middle school at Elgin Academy. They quickly became best friends through their mutual love for being silly, loud and anything fun. After graduating high school together, the two stayed in close touch visiting each other at college and eventually living together in downtown Chicago. Eleni currently lives in St. Charles, IL with her husband Nick, their daughter Evie and a new baby on the way!

Caryn Hutton


Caryn is Joanna's first cousin. Growing up together, Joanna and Caryn always had a special bond - laughing, camping and skiing. Despite never living in the same city (except when they were little), the two have stayed very close talking/facetiming, visiting each other and taking trips together. Caryn currently lives in San Diego, CA with her two beautiful daughters Izzie and Brooklyn.

Ashley Ramirez


Ashley and Joanna first met when they were little in church and then on the soccer field, but it wasn't until they both started as new students at Elgin Academy for middle school that their friendship truly grew. Throughout middle school Ashley and Joanna were always dressing up, coming up with amazing presentations for school (videos, dancing, you name it!) and going through confirmation at church together. Even though Ashley went to Barrington High School and Joanna stayed at EA, they stayed in contact and hung out frequently. After college the two were fortunate enough to live together for a year in Chicago. Ashley still resides in Chicago today with her husband Kurt and their two daughters Lina and Ada!

Amanda Scully


Amanda and Joanna first met freshman year of college on the field hockey team at Bentley College (now Bentley University). They both lived in the Elm Trees dorm and grew increasingly close as time went on. By senior year they were inseparable - living together, training together, countless runs to Dunkin Donuts (dunks) and continuing on their shenanigans as college kids do. After college the two trade off every year visiting each other and still talk multiple times a week. Amanda lives in Braintree, MA with her husband Mike, their two boys Tedy and Harry and has twin on the way due in July!

Maegan Shida


Maegan and Joanna met through their mutual friend Adrienne when Joanna moved to Dallas. The first time Joanna hung out with Maegan she thought Maegan didn't like her. Little did Joanna know that was NOT the case and the two would grow be best friends. The two have run multiple races together, enjoy eating Thai food, shopping at Nordstrom and staying in to have game nights! Maegan lives in Dallas with her husband David.

Adrienne Hargrave


Adrienne was Joanna's first friend when she moved to Dallas. They met when Joanna was searching for apartments before moving and Adrienne was her leasing consultant. After they joined a kickball league together and realized their mutual obsession with Bridesmaids, the two were well on their way to being life long friends. Adrienne lives in Dallas with her husband Jared and their adorable son Miller!

Sarah Haake


Joanna and Matt took a weekend trip to Philadelphia to visit with Matt's sister Sarah, her husband John and new baby Amanda. The weekend was a lot of firsts for Joanna - meeting Sarah, John, Amanda and exploring Philadelphia. And ALL of them exceeded her expectations. Joanna is excited to not only gain Sarah as a sister, but John as a brother-in-law and Amanda as a niece.

Kevin McCarthy

Best Man

JC Pleban


Andrew Neskow


Amanda Haake

Flower Girl/Child

Sam McCarthy

Ring Bearer

Lehan Veenker