Joanna Sue Neskow


Matthew Schlafly McCarthy

Joanna Sue Neskow and Matthew Schlafly McCarthy

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Our Story

Joanna and Matt met on a blind date initially set-up by Matt's cousin Luke and Joanna's long time family friend Jenner. But before either said yes to meeting up, each were sent photos of the other and passed the "not crazy" test based on Luke's and Jenner's opinions. The blind date was on May 19, 2016 at a local bar in Dallas where the two live. To both Matt and Joanna's surprise the date went extremely well, leading to a second, third, fourth... and many more dates. Fast forward to September 7, 2017 Matt proposed where they first met. He had Joanna's good friends bring her dog, Eli, to the outdoor portion of the restaurant with the ring on his collar. Following the proposal the entire bar erupted in cheers and the two celebrated with 20 of their closest friends in Dallas.
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